Sunday, August 23, 2015

My bestsellers Choi(c)es

In the last post I brought you some inspiration and good buys from Choices for back to school, and today I brought you some of my favourite best sellers from them. This are just a few of them bestsellers and probably my favourites but you have much more on their website so go check them out and enjoy the special prices 
1.Here 2.Here 3.Here 4.Here
5.Here 6.Here 7.Here 
8.Here 9.Here 10.Here
11.Here 12.Here 13.Here

Hope you liked it 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Choi(c)es for Back to School

So holidays are ending and soon we will be back to school. And if you are a little like me you already had started thinking in some outfits to wear on the first days of school. So to help you, and also to organize some of my ideias, I need to confess, I did some outfits to inspire you to rock on school and even to be comfortable when you study... 
And this isn't all, I have good news for you. Choies is launching a Back to School Sale where you can enjoy of discounts on some great clothes to be the star of your school. Enjoy them and be the biggest fashionista of your school this year ;)
T-Shirt here

T-Shirt here

T-Shirt here
Trench Coat here T-Shirt here

Start this year to be the best of your life and do it with style. I wish you the best of lucks in this back to school and remember: Work Hard and Dream Big because that will lead you to Success