Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fashion, Fun and Still Scary

Shirt here Bag here Boots here Ears here
Shirt here Skirt here Bag here Collants here Shoes here
 Vest here Mask here
Top here Skirt here Clutch here Shoes here Ears here
Top here Ears here Boots here
Jacket here Bodysuit here
So Halloween is around the corner and probably you already started thinking what will be your costume. But if you are a little like me and you like the season and the costumes but sometimes you think a full costume looks to much this is for you. Today I pick some outfits with a scary touch to celebrate the Halloween with a fashion sense. This is ideal for those who are more shy, for a simple party or last minute costume.
Another thing I also like to do is invest in a more elaborate makeup ;)
If you want more inspiration ideas or create your own Halloween outfit visit here

I wish you all a Scary and Creepy Halloween muhahaha

Do you already have a costume? Which is?


Monday, October 12, 2015

Let's run a marathon?

Winter has came and we can already hear the rain outside so there's nothing better than spending the weekend at home in the company of a bowl of popcorn, a blanket and a few candles watching a marathon our favorite series.
So those are some of my most recent favourite series. Some of them I already end watching like Lie to Me or Hart of Dixie... And so I started to watch Castle, Empire and Switched at Birth... I really loved the previous seasons of The 100 and Empire so I am excited to start watching the new seasons. And Pretty Little Liars? Oh, it´s a classic. Love it.

And you? Do you see any of this series? Which is your favourite one? Which new serie you recommend to me?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Inspiration #1

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to motivate us to carry on. So I hope you all continue to have a nice week

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My bestsellers Choi(c)es

In the last post I brought you some inspiration and good buys from Choices for back to school, and today I brought you some of my favourite best sellers from them. This are just a few of them bestsellers and probably my favourites but you have much more on their website so go check them out and enjoy the special prices 
1.Here 2.Here 3.Here 4.Here
5.Here 6.Here 7.Here 
8.Here 9.Here 10.Here
11.Here 12.Here 13.Here

Hope you liked it 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Choi(c)es for Back to School

So holidays are ending and soon we will be back to school. And if you are a little like me you already had started thinking in some outfits to wear on the first days of school. So to help you, and also to organize some of my ideias, I need to confess, I did some outfits to inspire you to rock on school and even to be comfortable when you study... 
And this isn't all, I have good news for you. Choies is launching a Back to School Sale where you can enjoy of discounts on some great clothes to be the star of your school. Enjoy them and be the biggest fashionista of your school this year ;)
T-Shirt here

T-Shirt here

T-Shirt here
Trench Coat here T-Shirt here

Start this year to be the best of your life and do it with style. I wish you the best of lucks in this back to school and remember: Work Hard and Dream Big because that will lead you to Success 


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fashion Festival is the thing and Coachella is the place

Coachella became more of a style destination than a musical one and this year more than ever. There are now runway shows and pop-up fashion stores on the festival grounds. But the really big show is made by everyone who shows that Fashion is a way of freedom: the girls using fringes, crop tops, shorts, printed shirts, boots or floral crowns and boys wearing jeans, hats or casual shirts. The Coachella isn't a style by itself, but it is a statement that the style can be whatever we want

O festival Coachella tornou-se mais um destino de moda, do que propriamente de música, e este ano mais do que nunca. Agora até existem desfiles de moda e uma loja pop up dentro do recinto do festival. Mas o grande desfile é, sem dúvida, feito por todos os que mostram que a moda passa pela liberdade: as mulheres usam franjas, crop tops, estampados, botas e coroas de flores e os homens jeans, chapéus e t-shirts. O Coachella não é um estilo mas é uma afirmação de que o estilo pode ser tudo aquilo que quisermos.

Friday, April 24, 2015

And the winner is...

The mega giveaway is over and the big winner was Jessica Fonseca...Congratulations my lucky butterfly.
For the other participants I just want to say if  you didn't won don't be sad and stay tuned because very soon there will be another great giveaway here on the blog. And thank you so much to all who participated, see you soon...