Monday, October 23, 2017

Sweater Weather

Leaves are changing color, the air smells crisp and clean, pumpkin spice everything is back in stores, and sweater weather is here at last! I love it when the weather turns and I can start cozying up in sweaters. There is nothing like slipping on a soft and cozy sweater on a cool morning or evening as fall kicks in.
I seriously love sweater weather. Not so cold that you have to wear a big jacket and gloves and all that, but when it’s crisp and lovely and you can stroll through the city with a cup of coffee and not sweat profusely. Perfect.
Sweaters are proof that comfort and style can sometimes walk side by side and make it together. How amazing is that? It´s everything we can ask for… comfort and style in one piece… 
So it come to a point that I needed to go on a search for those great sweaters that could put together the comfort, the style and the affordable price tag. Because in fact these year I need to renovate my sweater options on my wardrobe, a makeover that can be quite expensive.
On my research of these perfect combo I actually ended up coming across a new online store that had it all. I discovered Yoins and I loved it. In the middle of other stuff they have various fashion women sweaters online that are just perfect
So up next I will show you my favorite styles and colors, the ones that I was looking for and finally found it.
I especially love when a sweater has a little extra something something like these ones. The crossed back is perfect for early fall as it offers not only a fun little texture element at the back, but is also provides a little AC if the temperature happens to swing plus or minus 30 degrees in one day. Which Portugal weather is known to do on the last months.  And the last one you can use it backwards or to the front and they are one of the must have pieces for this fall.
 Cable Knits
The classic cable knit sweater is a fall staple for every wardrobe. Find your fave tone, and let the sweater do the talking! For a cute and boxy fit, Pair them with jeans or add black skinnies and boots to bring the outfit to life! They are comfy and cozy, so you are bound to live in these pieces all season.
 Off the shoulder
Another style that I love, the off-shoulder look can me so sexy and chic that just this little touch can spice up your outfit even if it is the most easy and fast way to build it up.
 Lace up
To keep up with the trends and look cute wherever you go an adorable lace-up sweater is the perfect choice! They are perfect for lounging around for a movie night, a night out or for daily bases to look chic and cozy! I love them so much.
 Sweater dress
These are probably one of my favorites. Such an easy way to dress up quickly in the morning. Put up a nice sweater dress, match them with over the knee boots or some cool ankle boots, grab your bag and you are ready to go. Full of style and comfort for those days when you don´t want to think to much about what you will wear but you want to combine fashion and comfort.

 V neck
These ones are really simple but versatile. Pair them with a lace top or bra with amazing details and you will have a great outfit with a lot of details but still cozy and simple to put together.
Perfect Fall Colors
I love all of the Fall sweater colors that are out right now: burgundy, cognac, military green and mustard yellow. These are the perfect final touch to feel the Fall. 

As you already may know I’m all about affordable shopping. I like to ensure that what I buy is quality yet still easy on my bank account. When I find items like these fashion ladies sweaters for womens that meet both those requirements, I’m a happy shopper!

Are you a fan of sweaters too? Which are the styles you like the most?



  1. Excelente post, amei os modelos de sweater Backless! Bjs

  2. Of course! I love sweaters! And I loved the suggestions that you gave in this post. Tks!

  3. Oiiiii

    Lace up e Off the Shoulder são os modelos que mais me encantam, garantem um look mais despojado e ao mesmo tempo divertido e bonito. As roupas são lindas.


  4. You've found such nice looks *.* I'm not as crazy as you are about sweaters, but I do like some V necks and cable knits here and there ^^
    Very nice post! Congrats ;)

  5. Também curto bastante este tempo mais ameno! é minha estação preferida! Achei suas escolhas muito lindas e cheias de estilo! *-* Já vou guardar as dicas pra quando a estação chegar aqui!


  6. Que peças lindaaaaaaaas!!!! Ameeeei ameeei ameeeei ameeeeeei!!!! Mulher e tu arrasou nesse post!! 😍😍😍 amo esse tipo de conteúdo!!

  7. Está mesmo giro o teu blog. Quanto ao post, adorei as peças. São lindas!

  8. Adoro sweaters eheh
    Segui o blog, beijinhos.
    Aqui fica o meu,